The mission of the Miombo Network group was to

Promote sustainable management of the Miombo Woodlands in Southern Africa

On 01 November 2017, SASSCAL and the Miombo Network signed an MoU at the SASSCAL Regional Secretariat in Windhoek, Namibia. A first joint initiative of this collaboration was for SASSCAL to support the Miombo Network with setting up their own website:

The Miombo Network was dedicated to providing scientific information and policy guidance for a better future of the Miombo forests across their range countries (see map). The Network conducted research and policy analysis aiming at improving the benefits and human livelihoods from the Miombo forest ecosystem.

Please find more information on the Miombo Network team, activities and publications, on the Miombo Network website

The signing of the MoU between the SASSCAL Regional Secretariat and the Miombo Network group: (from left to right) André Aquino (World Bank), Sally Ann Wilson (World Bank), Dr Jane Olwoch (SASSCAL Executive Director ), Stephen Syampungani (Miombo Network), Dr Sally Archibald (Miombo Network), Dr Judith Kamoto (Miombo Network), Dr Jörg Helmschrot (SASSCAL Director of Science and Technology / Capacity Development)