About SGSP

The SGSP – IWRM is a three-year PHD academic programme embedded in SASSCAL’s long term objective of building regional thematic Centres of Excellence within selected academic institutions across all SASSCAL Member States.  The study programme was developed in response to a need for adequate human resources in water management and sciences particularly in SASSCAL member countries and SADC in general.

The objective of the SGSP – IWRM is the development and deployment of an innovative and excellent regional collaborative education and research programme at PhD level in different specialisation under the theme Integrated Water Resource Management. The research component will be complemented by selected tailor-made short courses to strengthen the students in new techniques such as geospatial analytical skills, programming and use of models in date integration and analysis.

The SASSCAL study programme is positioned to play a critical role in strengthening the capacity of the region by producing highly skilled labour force that will assist in creating innovative solutions to respond to the water resources management and climate change needs of the Southern African region.

Admission to the SGSP – IWRM grants successful students the opportunity to undertake studies in a programme of excellence. Like all SASSCAL’s programmes, this PhD Programme will take a regional focus in its enrolment and in its 1st year of implementation, 15 students will be enrolled.

SASSCAL’s financing activities towards the SGSP-IWRM are backed up by the German Government through the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) which is the main funder of voluminous SASSCAL Programmes.

Academic Programmes

The thesis projects that the students will complete have been identified by the Academic and Scientific Advisory Committee (ASAC) because of their relevance in advancing the scientific agenda of the Southern African region. Student research will be supervised by faculty at NUST as well as by an international team of German and Southern African experts.

To prepare students to carry out the research, the students will engage in common blocks of coursework to deepen their familiarity with IWRM concepts and advanced technical tools. The course of study will also include a research period in Germany.

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