Youth for Green Hydrogen Scholarship Programme 2024

The capacity building programme supports, promote, and advance the creation of knowledge and innovation, through academic and non-academic courses in the framework of green hydrogen technology. The Y4H2 scholarship aims to equip youth with unique and relevant skills in alignment with the Green Hydrogen economy.

Currently, the number of annual graduates in Namibia is disproportionate to the available employment opportunities in the country. There are a lot of Namibian graduates, both post and undergraduates, who have qualifications but are unemployed. This scholarship could be used to upskill these unemployed graduates. To ensure that the Namibian youth is trained and ready to contribute to the Green Hydrogen economy workforce. Therefore, this Scholarship program could facilitate building capacity for the Green Hydrogen industry, while helping with the high youth unemployment problem.

Another issue identified is a lack of vocational skills within the country. Those skills that focus on specific trade skills, i.e., technicians. As such, it will be important that this scholarship focuses on unemployed graduates with academic and vocational qualifications.

While the focus will be on the unemployed youth who hold qualifications, some provisions can be made for currently employed youth who can make a good case for their selection. The proposed distribution of the scholarship can therefore be 85% and 15% for unemployed and employed applicants respectively.


The 2nd Call for Masters’ Degree and TVET Scholarship Applications for Namibian Youths is now closed.


For further information, kindly visit the JCoI website